Rochel Oliveros

Senior of Transform Global Faith Ministries

Senior Pastors Roy and Rochel Oliveros have been leading Transform Global Faith Ministries with passion and vision for people to come back to God and experience the life that He wanted for all people to have.

With a deep cry for revival in their hearts, the Lord has called and positioned them in a place where their lives can inspire others to Know God as our King and the Source of everything.

Our Senior Pastors were both excelling in their area of influence before they knew their real calling for their lives. Pastor Roy was a well-known wedding photographer while Pastor Rochel was a hand-full mother and entrepreneur. Yet despite all their achievements, life had not been very well for them and their family. With differing religious beliefs, backgrounds, personalities and visions in life, they were struggling as a couple and parents. Nonetheless, in 2005, they were invited to a life group, although with many hesitations and resistance, God showed His faithfulness and kept pursuing them. There until they had their own personal experience of the love and presence of God, they completely surrendered their lives and had it new like they never thought would happen!